Transit & Congestion

Watch my video about why the TTC has been getting worse lately

Transit Funding

We will reverse TTC cuts and return service to pre-pandemic levels so that it's easier for you and your family to get around the city.

This will be funded through the City Works Fund, and later through the climate action levy (see above: Environment). Read the full news release

Scarborough Moves

We will launch a comprehensive transportation network in Scarborough that includes a connected network of public transit routes (with over 40 stops) and cycling and walking trails that will shorten commute times and improve quality of life.

This will be funded through the City funds already earmarked for Eglinton East LRT, the climate action levy, City Works Fund, and savings from rebuilding the east portion of the Gardiner at ground level. Read the full news release


To ease congestion we need to improve transit and road safety so that everyone has more options to get around, whether that's by transit, cycling or walking. We have to crack down on people who park illegally in lanes and block traffic by hogging the curb during rush hour, and not allow every construction project to occupy a lane for two to three years to ensure they do not increase congestion at busy intersections. 

Waterfront East LRT

We will fund a Waterfront East LRT to revitalize the waterfront and improve access to the Distillery District, Corktown, Queens Quay, George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus and future high-density neighbourhoods in the Lower Don Lands and the Port Lands. Read the full news release

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