Thank you for committing to vote for Josh

Josh is determined to make Toronto the safe, affordable, livable city we know it can be. 

As Team Matlow volunteers knock on thousands of doors, Josh’s plan is resonating with Torontonians. Our challenge is reaching even more voters before election day. 

Given how short this election campaign will be, every action between now and June 26th can make a big difference.

Interact with Josh on LinkedinFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and please share his posts widely.

You can also check out Josh's platform here.

Please share Josh's vision for Toronto with your friends and neighbours and remind them to vote on June 26.

Our team has the momentum and your help is making a difference. 

If you can, please consider donating to the campaign  to help us connect with more voters. Team Matlow volunteers will be hard at work over the next week encouraging supporters to vote. Your donation will help their efforts. 

Plus, the City of Toronto has a generous rebate program, which means the City will mail you back a cheque for up to 75% – a $100 donation will cost only $25.