Josh Matlow will Strengthen Protections for Millions of Toronto renters

In early April, Josh announced his Tenant Support program, which will improve apartment affordability and strengthen protections for the nearly 50 per cent of Toronto residents who are renters across the city. 

Josh believes a better Toronto is possible, and we know you feel it, too. Josh has spent his career at City Hall fighting for tenants and will continue to do so as Mayor.

To improve apartment affordability, as Mayor, Josh will:

  • Establish Public Build Toronto with $300 million in seed money to build affordable homes at cost

  • Increase funding to the City’s Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition program (MURA) by $50 million to support the purchase of affordable apartment buildings under threat, so they can be run by non-profit or co-op operators

  • Establish rent control in all units that receive any City funding and advocate for the Province to bring back rent control for all tenants

  • Increase funding for paralegals to fight unfair above-guideline rent increases and advocate to the Province for their removal

“Bad landlords have been let off the hook for too long. It’s past time the City used its resources to crack down on fraudulent evictions and property standards violations, such as pests and mould,” said Matlow. “I will fight to ensure that every renter has a safe, clean and healthy home.”  Learn more here.

Please get involved and donate or volunteer today. Join Team Matlow so that together we can build a city that works.