Services & Safety

Community Health & Safety Fund

We will establish a $115 million fund to address well-known risk factors for criminal behaviour, including poverty, racism and trauma, which will make the TTC and city safer.

This will be funded by stabilizing the annual police budget of $1.16 billion for three years. Read the full news release

Traffic Safety

We will redesign Toronto’s most dangerous intersections and stretches of road by increasing annual traffic safety capital spending to $56 million from $23 million over two years.

This will be funded through the City Works Fund. Read the full news release

City Works Fund

A new property tax that would cost the average homeowner about $67 per year and generate $390 million over five years to improve vital city services. Read the statement


Addiction and substance use issues are health issues and need to be treated as such. I support the decriminalization of illicit drugs for personal use. I also support the evidence behind safe-injection sites. For these sites to be successful, I advocate that we make sure to implement them with appropriate wraparound supports and services in place.

Bike lanes

Our streets must be designed to improve comfort and safety for all users. The more people who have a safe and reliable way to bike around our city means fewer people in cars in front of us creating the traffic that we are all part of. To make it easier to get around, my traffic safety plan will boost capital investment in road improvements by $33 million to fix the city’s most dangerous intersections and roads. This shift in the budget focus from operating investments in behavioural modification measures like signage, distracted driving and red-light cameras to capital investments in infrastructure and street improvements will make it safer to walk, bike and drive. Read the full news release

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