Toronto must not slam the door on refugees

Mayoral candidate Josh Matlow says vulnerable people must never be used as pawns in political disputes

May 31, 2023 – Mayoral candidate Josh Matlow issued the following statement today in response to the Deputy Mayor’s call for doors to City shelters to be slammed shut to refugees: “We cannot use vulnerable refugee claimants seeking shelter in our city as political pawns. No matter where you’re from, or how you arrived, we will not shut our doors to you.

I strongly support Deputy Mayor McKelvie’s request for the Federal government to stand up and fulfill its obligation to support refugees seeking asylum in Canada that arrive in Toronto. Yes, it is true that the City is not alone responsible for housing refugees to Canada and that we cannot afford the $91 million required during a time when we are facing a $1 billion shortfall in our current budget.

However, slamming the door shut on those who are here seeking refuge is not the way to make this point. Toronto is a diverse city. A welcoming city. A city that does the right thing when it matters. To all those seeking shelter: our doors are open.”

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