Gerard Kennedy endorses Josh Matlow for Mayor and issues open letter to Torontonians

June 10, 2023 - Today, Gerard Kennedy, former Minister of Education, MP, MPP and Executive Director, Daily Bread Food Bank, proudly endorsed Josh Matlow for Mayor of Toronto and released the following open letter:

Dear fellow Torontonians,

Our city is at a turning point.

Food bank lines are growing dramatically each month.

Housing is so expensive many people can no longer afford to stay here.

And basic city services like transit, garbage cans and road repair are failing in important ways.

But simply caring won’t actually fix what’s wrong with Toronto. Caring alone isn’t enough to feed hungry kids, fix transit or fill potholes. Not with a billion-dollar hole in our city’s budget.

We all know the steep price of broken promises that can’t be paid for. Some of our most vulnerable family, friends and neighbours will suffer unnecessary hardship, others’ quality of life will slip downward, and far too many will move away. People may stop caring altogether.

Today, more than ever, our next Mayor has to be someone with plans for our tough problems that are clear and practical. Whose numbers add up.

We need a political leader with a vision for these times.

Josh Matlow is that unusual leader with the courage to tell voters the truth and who trusts us to get it. He has shown the energy, imagination, and strong sense of inclusion to help move our whole city forward. His solutions are specific.

Josh outlines exactly how to raise revenues to pay for what Toronto needs, and why our city is worth it. This means he will be able to stand up for us, for Toronto, and to get things done.

This election for Mayor gives us a chance to pick someone who can unite us over our key social and financial problems. Everything we want to do and everything we want to be as a city may hinge on this.

There are many fine people for you to consider over the next 12 days. When you have a closer look, one candidate stands out.

Josh Matlow is our best choice for a mayor to make Toronto better now, when we need it the most.

Gerard Kennedy
Twitter @GKennedyAC