Josh Matlow videos break down key issues for Toronto voters

Mayoral candidate releases new explainer videos on housing, transit and cost of living

Toronto, June 23, 2023 – Josh Matlow today announced three new animated videos he has produced to help Toronto voters understand complex issues affecting people in our city today.

“Our new mayor must focus on getting things right on transit, housing and affordability,” said Matlow. “We can’t fix things without paying for them. These videos help people do the math and better understand how we must invest to create a better Toronto.” 

Why the cost of living has become so high in Toronto


Why finding a home in Toronto has become a nightmare


Why the TTC is getting worse lately


In addition to these videos, Matlow’s plan for A City that Works is laid out simply and clearly in 16 colourful pages, printed and online, so that every voter can easily understand what Matlow will invest in and how he will pay for it. 

Toronto’s next mayor will inherit an expected budget shortfall of $46 billion over the next decade.

“Our city is in decline because we stopped investing in what matters in our everyday lives,” said Matlow. “The only way to fix this city is to raise revenues and negotiate from a position of strength to secure long-term, stable and predictable funding. I don’t want strong mayor powers. I want a strong Toronto.” 

To learn more about Josh Matlow’s mayoral campaign to make Toronto a city that works, the safe, affordable, livable city that we all know it can be, please visit