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Comprehensive Housing Plan

We will addresses both the urgent housing and homelessness crises facing Torontonians today with an investment of $407.6 million to lower the cost of housing, support homeless residents and create more great places to live in neighbourhoods that include childcare, schools, infrastructure and parks.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund and City Works Fund. Read the full news release

Public Build Toronto

We will establish a new City agency that will allow us to build housing at cost on City-owned lands, making it easier for you to find a home in your budget.

This will be funded with $300 million in seed funding from the City, and by waiving all municipal fees including property taxes and development charges. Read the full news release

Tenant Support Program

This program will improve affordability for rentals and strengthen protections against fraudulent evictions and poorly maintained buildings. Read the full news release

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