Josh Matlow will rebuild crumbling east portion of Gardiner at ground level

Mayoral candidate will redirect funds saved to Toronto's other priorities

May 11, 2023 – Mayoral candidate Josh Matlow released a video today explaining his plans for the Gardiner Expressway. He explained that, as Mayor, he plans to rebuild the crumbling portion of the aging elevated highway east of Jarvis Street at ground level in order to redirect funds to more pressing priorities.

"Torontonians deserve the fastest, cheapest option that will free up money for other priorities and reduce congestion," said Matlow.

"No city in the world is building elevated expressways along their waterfront, and neither should we. I believe there’s never a bad time to reconsider a bad decision. With a $1.5 billion shortfall in our city’s capital budget limiting Toronto’s ability to invest in housing, transit, roads, parks, state of good repair, and many other important priorities, it’s time to correct this historic mistake." 

Matlow believes in following the facts and investing where they lead us. Learn more in this video:

This map shows the small portion of the expressway Matlow proposes be rebuilt at ground level. At ground level, it will still connect commuters from the Gardiner to the DVP, save half a billion dollars, eliminate years of disruption and make room for five acres of new housing:

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