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Fully costed platform

Our plan to raise new revenues and secure long-term stable funding from the provincial and federal governments to make our city safer, more affordable and livable for everyone. Read the full news release

Long-term strategic plan

Toronto must present a long-term strategic plan with City funding for the services and infrastructure our three million residents need.

We will deliver on these priorities by finally securing the stable, long-term and predictable funding Toronto needs to support our residents. His approach is to:

  • Raise revenues to cover appropriately municipal responsibilities and get Toronto’s own house in order, including raising $390 million over five years via a property tax increase of 2% above inflation; bringing in a $200 million annual surface parking lot levy; stabilizing the police budget for three years to yield $115 million; reducing City spending on external consultants by $14 million; leveraging a 2% increase in the hotel tax to raise $50 million; and finding $568 million in savings by rebuilding the crumbling eastern end of the Gardiner Expressway on the ground. 
  • Develop a 10-year strategic plan to fund the City’s five priority areas with clear expectations of support from the other levels of government.
  • Form strong alliances with large cities that have common goals in Ontario and across Canada to strengthen Toronto’s political voice.
  • Work towards achieving a City Charter to provide Toronto with similar autonomy to that of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles over the long term.

Read the full news release

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