About Row 2

It’s been my life’s mission to make this city as great as it can be. Through my work with environmental groups, the Toronto District School Board and City Council, I have fought hard to create safe spaces for youth, ensure renters have protections, support seniors who want to age in place and protect Toronto’s green spaces.

I am a husband to my wife, Melissa, and father to my daughter, Molly. I’m a community advocate, city builder and proud city councillor. And I believe in the promise Toronto holds for so many – but for too long, it has been held back from its true potential.

We have all seen the decline. Our roads are crumbling and garbage bins are overflowing. Rents are skyrocketing and housing prices are through the roof, forcing young people and newcomers out of Toronto. People don’t feel safe on the TTC, and fares are going up while service is being cut.

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