Josh Matlow inspires endorsements from 30 leaders in 30 days!

Diverse Toronto leaders agree that Matlow is the candidate who meets the moment

Toronto, June 24, 2023 – Mayoral candidate Josh Matlow today announced the 30 prominent Torontonions who have proudly endorsed him for Mayor of Toronto over the past 30 days. The array of leaders from diverse backgrounds of all kinds agree that Matlow has the best fully costed plan, is a fighter for the truth and the vulnerable and is the Mayoral candidate who meets this moment. See the gallery here.

Walied Khogali Ali, community advocate, said: "Josh Matlow respects our communities and is committed to investing in strong neighbourhoods through social development plans. His evidence-based approach to fixing our city gives Torontonians the respect they deserve."

Geoff Daybutch, Skabewiis, said: “I’m an Indigenous Torontonian. There are so many candidates who leave so much of Toronto out of their platform. Josh’s plan is for all of Toronto. Josh wants to see this city succeed.” 

Erica Ehm, entrepreneur, said: "Josh Matlow leads with integrity. As my city councillor for 12 years, he works tirelessly for residents, solving problems by bringing people together. He has a compelling and fully costed vision for a better Toronto. Josh Matlow is the Mayor our city needs right now.”

Nick Kypreos, Toronto Maple Leafs alumnus and sports broadcaster, said: “My wife and I are impressed with Josh’s passion for helping his constituents…His common sense approach to problem solving makes him the leader Toronto needs. I can’t think of a better candidate for Mayor.” 

Gord Miller, ecologist, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, said: “Josh has always been a passionate advocate for the environment from his time as Earthroots Campaign Director where he fought to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine and create the Greenbelt…Josh Matlow is the green choice to lead Toronto at this crucial moment.”

Cathy Crowe, long-time street nurse and housing advocate, said: "I've worked with Josh for 10 years through a worsening homelessness and housing emergency. I'm glad to endorse him as Mayor. He has shown enormous commitment on these issues and has never wavered by calling out injustices within City Hall that have seriously harmed people."

Brett House, economist, said: “I voted for Josh Matlow to end the rebuild of the Gardiner Expressway East and redirect more than $500 million to transit, bike lanes, housing and parks. No other city is building waterfront elevated highways. Don’t upload it; rebuild it on the ground!”

Michael Coteau, MP Don Valley West, said: “I’ve known Josh for 20 years now…I know his politics, I know the way he engages community and responds to community needs. At this particular moment in Toronto’s history, we need a Mayor that’s going to be able to connect with people…I’m endorsing him and I think it’s a great opportunity for our city to embrace such a great person. I wish Josh all the best.”  

Anne Golden, past president of United Way and Conference Board of Canada, said: "This is a turning-point election for Toronto. We need a leader with experience, integrity and a demonstrated track record. We need a Mayor with the policy smarts and gumption to stand up for Toronto. Josh is the best candidate on every point.” 

Gerard Kennedy, former Minister of Education, MP, MPP and Executive Director, Daily Bread Food Bank, said: “We need a political leader with a vision for these times. Josh Matlow is our best choice for a Mayor to make Toronto better now, when we need it the most.”

Michael Black, road safety advocate, said: “Josh is a progressive whose heart is in the right place. He also has a well-developed ability to think priorities through. When a goal is important Josh won’t cave in the face of resistance that is based on faulty evidence.”

Romain Baker, Little Jamaica community advocate, said: “...The thing that stood out to me in my interactions with him was the level of accountability that he demonstrated by not only talking the talk of wanting to see Little Jamaica thrive, but by also showing up for community meetings, moving motions in council and following up with city staff when things seemed a little too quiet. I think his eagerness to listen to the people and solutions oriented mindset will serve Toronto well as we face the many crises currently impacting the city.”

Sharon Hampson, Bram Morrison (Sharon & Bram), children’s entertainers, said: “Josh Matlow is a good friend, but beyond that, he is a great candidate for Toronto Mayor. First, his heart is in the right place – he really does want what is best for his Toronto neighbours; he knows what their problems are and has good ideas on how to work on fixing them – and, he has figured out how to pay for those fixes – it doesn't get better than that.”

Greg Sorbara, former President, Ontario Liberal Party and former Ontario Finance Minister, said: “Josh has never been afraid to speak truth to power. He has been at the forefront trying to make Toronto better for its residents.” 

Habiba Adan, Co-Founder of Positive Change Toronto Initiative, said: “Josh is the right Mayor for this city and has demonstrated through his time in Council and the Mayoral election campaign to be a champion for Black communities in Toronto.” 

Reza Moridi, former parliamentarian and Ontario Minister, said: “The City of Toronto needs an experienced, hard working, visionary Mayor with statesmanship quality to lead Canada’s largest City and its economic engine. That is why I am supporting Josh Matlow in this Toronto Mayoral election campaign.”

Donna Cansfield, former MPP and Cabinet Minister, said: “Josh Matlow brings to the table a balanced approach, a willingness to listen and share ideas, the ability to negotiate,  an understanding of municipal politics, and most importantly the desire to solve problems, not create them. In other words, we need good government, not false promises. Good government is what Josh offers. Josh has my vote.”

Gurpreet Kaur Ahluwali, Toronto resident, said: "As a young family, we want to see investments in city services like libraries, the arts and culture. We also want to see Council take the climate crisis seriously. This is why our family is voting for Josh Matlow. Josh gets it. He's the Mayor we need." 

Guy Gavriel Kay, writer, said: “Toronto urgently needs intelligent, creative leadership. Josh Matlow loves his city and knows our city hall. He is whip-smart and not locked in to any party's agenda, which allows him to be flexible and inventive in dealing with our present and future. We’d be lucky to have him as Mayor.”

David Soknacki, former Scarborough East City Councillor and Budget Chief under Mayor David Miller, said: “I have seen his hard work, persistence and fearlessness up close. He cares passionately about Toronto, and has presented a strong vision for our city. Josh has the energy and commitment to make it happen.” 

Harout Manougian, Chair, Armenian National Committee of Toronto, said: “Josh Matlow's passion is to fight for the people of Toronto! No matter the issue, he dives into the nitty gritty details to compare all the policy options and gather all the facts. He lives for this stuff! He thrives off it! With his extensive experience on council, he knows the history, knows what hasn't worked, and knows how to take us all forward together!”

John Sewell, former Mayor of Toronto, said: “I support Josh Matlow for Mayor because for the last few years as a councillor he has clearly responded to the key issues facing Toronto with intelligent and workable solutions. Josh is in the fight for Toronto for the long term, and he is someone you can trust to do the right thing.”

Lori Beazer, founder of the Afro-Caribbean Farmers’ Market, said: “Josh is my local city councillor and the man that created the pathway for the Afro Caribbean Farmers' Market. He removed many obstacles and provided the resources not often afforded to people in my community to make good things happen! He is my choice and the only real solution Toronto has to be the greatest city we all know it can be.”

Vince Borg, investor and past President, Ontario Liberal Party, said “His ability to bring diverse voices together will ensure that Toronto thrives under his leadership. Vote for Josh as our next Mayor and let’s transform Toronto into a city that works for everyone.” 

Hon. Rob Oliphant, MP Don Valley West, said: “I have seen first hand the tremendous energy and commitment he has brought to working with the communities we have represented together...Josh genuinely connects with diverse communities in Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Parks and has been the strongest voice to keep the Science Centre in the community. Josh is the Mayor Toronto needs.”

Joshua Hind, project manager and designer, said: “This city desperately needs someone who will take on the structural failures within the city head on. That’s why I’m supporting Josh Matlow for Mayor of Toronto – a guy who’s got ideas! I’m endorsing Josh Matlow and I encourage you to do the same.”  

Hon. Carolyn Bennett, MP Toronto-St. Paul's, said: "We need a Mayor who loves our city and is passionate about realizing its fantastic potential. From seniors to youth, community spaces to affordable housing, Josh Matlow has a plan for the city he loves and a concrete plan for how to pay for it. I enthusiastically endorse my City Councillor and look forward to working with him as our Mayor."

Mesaret Demeke, Ethiopian Association of the GTA, said: “Thank you for bringing the issues of refugees to the City Council. This shows how much you care for the community, how much you hear the community’s concerns and how much you want to bring change…I hope you win and I hope you become the next Mayor of the City of Toronto.” 

Elizabeth Duncan, award-winning mystery writer, said: “...It would be a crime not to vote for Josh Matlow!”

Election day is Monday, June 26 and polls are open 10 am-8 pm. Torontonians looking to choose their next leader should look to the momentum behind Josh Matlow’s campaign to build a city that works. Matlow meets the moment. 

“We all have different backgrounds and expertise, but we share a belief that a better Toronto is possible. Toronto needs to fix its billion-dollar budget hole, stand up to Doug Ford and get back on track. I love this city and I look forward to serving as your Mayor,” said Matlow.

To learn more about Josh Matlow’s Mayoral campaign to make Toronto a city that works, the safe, affordable, livable city that we all know it can be, please visit