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Vote Josh Matlow
for Mayor

Together we can 
build a city that works

Vote Josh Matlow
for Mayor

Together we can 
build a city that works

It's time to have an honest conversation about this city. We can have a Toronto that works, one that prospers, but we need to invest in it. Together, we can make this happen.

Josh Matlow will fight for a better Toronto. A Toronto that is safe, affordable and livable for all Torontonians.

Josh is a father, a city councillor and a trusted friend to so many community members. For decades, he has fought for tenant protections, youth hubs, seniors supports and dignity and resources for those who are homeless. He loves his family, his 10-year-old daughter and he cares deeply about this city.

Josh is the only candidate with a real plan that spells out exactly how he will pay for it. He is a doer, who uses facts and evidence to push for real improvements to Toronto, and he is the one to lead Toronto into its next chapter.

As Mayor, Josh will stand up to Doug Ford and his plan to sell off Ontario Place for a private spa, and demand a review of the Eglinton Crosstown construction delays and costs.


He will reverse transit cuts so that you can count on the TTC to run on a full and reliable schedule, and he’ll get Scarborough moving with LRTs, busways and new cycling and walking trails.

Josh will support tenants by cracking down on shady renovictions and bad landlords, and for all residents, he’ll create more housing options so it’s easier to find a home in your budget.

He’ll bring together neighbours by opening schools evenings and weekends for community spaces and recreation, and every library branch on Sundays all year round. And he’ll make this city vibrant by fully investing in arts, culture and festivals to bring life back to all corners of the city.

A Toronto with Josh Matlow as Mayor is a better Toronto.


Together we can build a city that works

Learn more about my platform and how we will pay for it


Comprehensive Housing Plan

We will addresses both the urgent housing and homelessness crises facing Torontonians today with an investment of $407.6 million to lower the cost of housing, support homeless residents and create more great places to live in neighbourhoods that include childcare, schools, infrastructure and parks.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund and City Works Fund. Read the full news release

Public Build Toronto

We will establish a new City agency that will allow us to build housing at cost on City-owned lands, making it easier for you to find a home in your budget.

This will be funded with $300 million in seed funding from the City, and by waiving all municipal fees including property taxes and development charges. Read the full news release

Tenant Support Program

This program will improve affordability for rentals and strengthen protections against fraudulent evictions and poorly maintained buildings. Read the full news release


TransformTO Funding

The first plank of our environment policy includes a $200 million annual investment to ensure Toronto can meet its TransformTO commitment to be net zero by 2040.

This will be funded by the creation of a new commercial parking lot levy. Read the full news release

Ontario Greenbelt Leaders Council

We will bring together local mayors and Indigenous leaders to form a Greenbelt Leaders council. The council will work with the federal government to safeguard farmland, forests and water sources and protect the vital Greenbelt from development. Read the full news release


Transit Funding

We will reverse TTC cuts and return service to pre-pandemic levels so that it's easier for you and your family to get around the city.

This will be funded through the City Works Fund, and later through the climate action levy (see above: Environment). Read the full news release

Scarborough Moves

We will launch a comprehensive transportation network in Scarborough that includes a connected network of public transit routes (with over 40 stops) and cycling and walking trails that will shorten commute times and improve quality of life.

This will be funded through the City funds already earmarked for Eglinton East LRT, the climate action levy, City Works Fund, and savings from rebuilding the east portion of the Gardiner at ground level. Read the full news release

Ontario Place

We will stop Doug Ford’s plan for a private spa at Ontario Place by withholding 16 acres of City-owned property to ensure that everyone has access to this important part of the waterfront. Read the full news release

Services & Safety

Community Health & Safety Fund

We will establish a $115 million fund to address well-known risk factors for criminal behaviour, including poverty, racism and trauma, which will make the TTC and city safer.

This will be funded by stabilizing the annual police budget of $1.16 billion for three years. Read the full news release

Traffic Safety

We will redesign Toronto’s most dangerous intersections and stretches of road by increasing annual traffic safety capital spending to $56 million from $23 million over two years.

This will be funded through the City Works Fund. Read the full news release

City Works Fund

A new property tax that would cost the average homeowner about $67 per year and generate $390 million over five years to improve vital city services.

Community & Culture


Our plan will boost job prospects, build skills and improve individual and community health and well-being for youth across Toronto.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund. Read the full news release

Open Schools Toronto

Our program to utilize schools as community centres on evenings and weekends will provide neighbours with more opportunities to come together for recreation programs, continuing education classes and social activities.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund. Read the full news release

Libraries Open on Sundays

We will open all Toronto Public Libraries on Sundays so that everyone can access technology, classes and important resources every day of the week.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund. Read the full news release

Culture, Creativity + Community

We will invest more in our arts and culture sector to create more affordable spaces for artists and community culture events, expand our festivals and make Toronto a leader for film and television production.

This will be funded through the City’s hotel tax and by reducing the City’s consulting spend. Read the full news release


Age-Friendly Toronto

A plan to make Toronto one of the healthiest cities to age well in. Plan includes lowering TTC fares for seniors and investing in social connections, promoting independence and quality of life.

This will be funded through the Community Health & Safety Fund and City Works Fund. Read the full news release

Gardiner Expressway

East-End Rebuild

Rebuild the crumbling 2.4 kilometres of the aging elevated highway east of Jarvis Street at ground level in order to redirect $568 million to other pressing priorities. Read the full news release

Get Involved

A Better Toronto is possible

Our campaign is fighting to address issues that matter to Torontonians like you, and for a city that prioritizes:

  • Community health and safety
  • Affordable housing
  • Reliable city services
  • Tenants’ rights to safe, healthy homes
  • An Ontario Place with a public park, not a private spa
  • Keeping our Science Centre where it is

I have a fully costed plan that will make our city work, join us for a better Toronto.